A Cowboys Heart: A Western Christian Romance Short Story

A Cowboys Heart: A Western Christian Romance Short Story

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Series: Christian Romance Short Stories
Genre: Christian Romance
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: His Merciful Grace
Publication Year: 2024
ISBN: 9798224774647

City lights have lost their shine for Anna. Leaving behind a broken past, she seeks solace in the dusty heart of Cotton Creek, Texas, caring for her ailing grandma. The small town offers a slower pace and a chance to heal, but Anna finds unexpected support in the strong arms of faith and the welcoming embrace of the community.

Then there’s Gabe, a ruggedly handsome cowboy with a faith as strong as his lasso. Though worlds apart, their love for horses and unwavering devotion to God forge a bond sweeter than Texas tea.

Will shared prayers and sun-drenched picnics under wildflower skies blossom into love? Feel the spark ignite as a gentle kiss ignites beneath the shade of a sprawling oak. Can Anna answer Gabe’s call and build a life under the vast Texas sky, where faith guides their every step and love blooms brighter than a Texas sunrise?

Dive into “A Cowboy’s Heart” - a heartwarming Christian romance short story where love simmers slow and sweet, seasoned with faith, the unwavering support of a new community, and the promise of a future brighter than a Texas sunrise.

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