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I write uplifting Christian romance novels featuring courageous, resilient women heroes who tackle life’s storms with perseverance, hope, and God’s love

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About Me

Hi, I’m Abigail! 👋
Greetings from sunny Nairobi! I’m Abbie, proud long-distance auntie to 3 adorable nephews in the States who brighten my days through our family WhatsApp chats and visits. When I’m not catching up with them, you can find me bringing uplifting stories to life for Christian women like you!

As a lifelong bookworm, I’ve always admired authors’ skills to sweep me away to captivating worlds brimming with fascinating characters. However, as a woman of faith, once the closing chapter came, I was often left wanting stories that better resonated with my spiritual values despite their thrilling adventures.

That sparked my calling to write Christian fiction that combines page-turning excitement with biblical wisdom for the heart. I pen Christian romance novels across genres like suspense, fantasy, and comedy – all anchored in hope and God’s transforming love. I also craft encouraging devotionals to nourish women’s spirits.

It brings me such joy when readers share how my books guided them closer to God while fully immersing them in an uplifting story realm. That makes burning the late-night oil with endless mugs of tea totally worth it!

When I’m not behind my trusty laptop, you’ll find me connecting with God, listening to music, experimenting in the kitchen, and chasing any adventure that comes my way. I’d be delighted for you to join me on this journey through the faith-filled stories I put to the page that aim to engage, inspire, and fill your heart!

My Books

Daily Devotional & Journal For Overcoming Anxiety

Daily Devotional & Journal For Women In Business

5 Minute Devotional & Journal For Peace and Clarity

A Prayer for Love – A Sweet Christian Romance Short Story

Whispers of Lavender – A Christian Romance Mafia Short Story

A Cowboys Heart: A Western Christian Romance Short Story

Seen and Known: A YA Christian Romance Short Story

Love, Lattes, & Second Chances – A Christian Romance Short Story

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